Chinese 牛 (New) Year is going to be different this year. In Singapore, we are only allowed to gather in groups of 8. For our Malaysian friends, Movement Control Order (MCO) has just been announced and you are far away from your home. Maybe you can still get your angpaos via iBanking, reunion dinner is probably going to be done via Zoom and visiting is not going to happen. However, with a bit of creativity, we can still share the joy and love of this festival at home.

1. A heartwarming, assuring video for your parents and grandparents

Talking to our loved ones can be difficult, especially when it requires us to be vulnerable. However, in these uncertain times, it is even more important to allay their concerns. Your safety is the best gift for them, regardless of the seasons so assure them how you have been okay and will continue to be! If you find it hard to verbalise or speak in dialects, get someone to help you, like our boss, LC! Mandarin, Cantonese, or Hokkien? No problem for him. He can even write a poem for your family members! If you fancy a more familiar face, consider the OG "best contractor in Singapore, JB and some say Batam"! Ask Gurmit Singh to send your regards. Don't play play!


2. A funny video to lift the spirits of your loved ones

If showing vulnerability is not your style, consider getting them to laugh then. Light-heartedness is equally sincere! Get a friend or Jared Lee to keep your family updated with a few laughs. Ask them to sneak in some of sick CNY greetings like 身体健康 (Shen Ti Jian Kang) and if their Chinese skills are as superior as Jessica's (@jimmy12345_jim), there would be a bonus appreciation of your Chinese skills!


3. A WhatsApp greeting message that finally makes sense

The advent of Whatsapp has made us realise how much our parents love fake news, greeting messages and random videos that don't make sense. Show your parents how greeting messages should be done (i.e. not by hazardously placing words on images). Doing this can not only make your parents happy but also give them something to flex to their friends. Lacking the artistic flair needed? Get some help from your friends if they are as talented as Ash (totoro.aoi) and would be able to work on your greeting message.

4. A CNY song dedication to reminisce the old times

When you think that the constant playing of Mariah's All I Want for Christmas is You in December is annoying, Chinese New Year takes it to another level. Your favourite CNY songs like 恭喜恭喜 (Gong Xi Gong Xi) will be blaring at literally 每条大街小巷 (every street), sometimes in your home. This year, consider reciprocating with Chinese New Year songs that they love but would drive us insane. Send your family your favourite version of the Chinese New Year songs or even your own cover of them. Can't carry to a tune? consider getting someone like Zames Tay, who can sing in different dialects, to perform their favourite tunes. If you prefer something more hip, Daniel Sher might be the one for you (P.S. He sang with Jolin Tsai on 我想和你唱3). With a dedication to them, they will find new appreciation for the song.


5. A Bai-nian video of your pets to get angpaos

Visiting is arguably the most tiring part of Chinese New Year but we too will miss it (and the angpaos). This year, make visiting digital to secure your red packets by getting your pets to bai nian instead! Send recorded videos of your pets in the classic CNY poses to secure your angpaos! Don't have a doggo? Why not get Goldy, the golden retriever, to bainian on your behalfMaybe with the extra cuteness, you will get an extra thicc angpao.

6. A fake boyfriend to flex on your relatives

Not forgetting our favourite tribulation of all Chinese New Years: "Why you don't have a boyfriend ah?". If you are still getting too many questions on your relationship statuses, it's time to end it for a year. Engage a male acquaintance, or Bryant Luo, to be your new boyfriend who is working in Singapore. Tell them the story of he wants to be with you and visit your parents but he could not! With the video, voila! You can silence them for a year (and worry about the consequences next year)!

For those who need a girlfriend, we do not have a dedicated fake girlfriend. However, you can always approach our female SendJoyers and ask if they are willing to help. 🙂

7. A fortune telling session for the start of the new year

Is it even Chinese New Year if you don't watch the predictions for your zodiac on TV? Well, we don't know Master Hui from Channel 8 personally but we have Charity (@tarot_charity) who can do Tarot card readings. From her, you can get insights on how you should change up for the year ahead. Maybe, you can finally find your sweetheart instead of renting one! Want to discuss the Fengshui instead? Try Liying (@liying.0814) who has been working on it and you can get insights from on how you can change your fortune.

8. An opera show that your family will never forget

Your family really love to watch Chinese Opera but you can't really watch live ones because of the pandemic. Or you're feeling atas.. Like really atas. Well, consider getting an Opera session booked! From Sendjoy, we have Nick Shen, who can do Teochew or Cantonese Opera performance for you! He acted in the highly acclaimedYour family will definitely be amazed by him and remember this Chinese New Year.

That's it! Chinese New Year may be different this year but we can do something to make it special, just like the past. Be it our personalised gifts or just your phone call back home, I hope that this post has encouraged you to SendJoy back, from One Star to Another, Meanwhile, take care and have a wonderful Chinese New Year!

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