Regardless you are new or a veteran in this game called Love, Valentine's Day is a challenging festival for one to get gifts. Even though we know that getting Valentine's gift is a marketing ploy at the very end of our head, we still worry a lot about it. Well, good news for you! This does not need to be difficult! Consider getting personalised for your special someone, for this special day! Here are some 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas that will be tailored to your loved ones.

For the clueless singles (and their friends)

1. Getting relationship advice

We all have that one friend that is single for too long, for no good reason. If you do not have them, you are that friend. Maybe you need some tips on chasing your dream lover, especially if they carry the "if you really want me right, you should chase after me" attitude. This is where you need your relationship coaches to give you the personalised advice you never knew you needed. Listen to zeh zeh-s like 阿穎@uhWing, who will give customised advice on how to chase after the girl of your dreams. They may be funny, but they spill only the tea and speak only the truth.

Don't be too shy!

Need an opinion from Mars instead? Get a bro like Ian Jeevan. Tap onto their wisdom and learn via customised recommendations on how to chase the person of your dream

2. Getting help to confess!

Or you have decided to make the move but could not bring yourself to do it? Here at Sendjoy, we believe that you should not procrastinate your feelings. Let that special someone know how you really feel. If it is out of character for you say some things, get someone you trust like Warrick Wee or Sean Foo.


They can not only help you say the 3 difficult words but also share your feelings. Not your style to be so serious? Ask your funny friends like Maddy (@madrizzl3) to ask them "Ai stead mai?" and profess your love lightheartedly!

For the very popular people

3a. Getting help to reject suitors

It's that time of the year again where you are just avoiding people to avoid confession. Can't relate but sucks to be you too. You need a message that is reuseable, timeless and yet, highly personal so that you can quickly say no without hurting people's feelings (and looking like a jerk). After all, you should not try to burn bridges so that everyone can try to be friends when the entire thing blows over. Well, you have come to the right place! Get a pet, or a few like CALM the buns, to convince your suitors nicely that "it's not meant to be" and "it's not them, it's me". After all, how could anyone get angry when such a cutie is rejecting you, right?


3b. Getting help to reject suitors savagely

Well, this is a really different audience. It has been 5 years and they are still doing creepy things. They are telling you how much they love you when you don't even know them. (Author's note: I know. This is the type of people I usually meet too.) You have tried being all methods possible, including praying or commissioning a ritual to exorcise away (probably) but they just don't go away. Well, consider getting a fierce friend like Rayyan (Rayyvnvfiq) to tell them that you are sick and tired of their nonsense. You will be assured that your customised prayer will be heard this time.

*drops mic*

For the lovebirds who are madly in love

4. Serenade your favourite person

In all relationships, there is that one song. Be it the classic High School Musical's "Breaking Free" or the new and iconic "You are the Reason" by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis, it is the song that the two of you waltz to and feel special listening to. It is the song about the two of you, your relationship and your stories.

Source: GIPHY

What could be better than dedicating that special song to your special someone in this season of love? If their favourite singers like Jean Seizure cover it, you can be sure that the song would mean even more to them. Prefer 豆浆油条 or Sempurna instead? Get the talented cover singers that sing in their mother tongues like Ben Hum or Thalia Mentor instead!


5. Roast your lover

If the person you love loves watching all the shows by stand comedians like Garv Malik, they are probably kinda cool and actually have a sense of humour. Well then, if they are really comfortable with you, why not roast them? This will be a fantastic idea to make them laugh. Give them an exclusive show that they will never forget, with them being the target of not only inside, but also new jokes for you two to laugh about.

oof (but in a good way)

6. Immortalise your lover and your moments together in art

Have a favourite picture of your partner? Why not recreate them in illustrations and paintings? Show them to your favourite illustrators like JR (@JRpencil88) and watch how they transform your partner into adorable chibis. If you are preparing a customised gift for the gents, you can even get him reimagined as hunk by talented illustrators like Toastwire.

*heart races*

Otherwise, recreate your favourite moments together instead. Your favourite painters like Horatius K or Alverina (@aloebella) can turn the photos of you two into paintings, making them really sweet, personalised gifts to commemorate a special day. (By the way, you can opt for a gift from instead if you approach Alverina)

7. A celebrity backing up your proposal

It's the ultimatum. This Valentine's, you want to call them yours forever. You are looking for the extra star power to aid you in your proposal. Consider getting some angels like MICappella for some sick vocals. If not, how about a classical musician like Alan (@violinist.alan) to set the mood for your proposal video? Or ask their favourite celebrities like Hossan Leong or Benzo to say few words and get them to say "YES" when you pop the question.

Source: GIPHY

Make your "Want BTO anot?" memorable and exciting and this will be an exciting story for you to tell. P.S. This listing is not sponsored by the Ministry of Family and Social Development.

For the strong, independent singles

8. Encouragement from a friend.

Sometimes, that special person is yourself! Maybe love is not your thing but hey! It's the 21st century. In the words of the late Whitney Houston, loving yourself is the greatest love of all. It’s perfectly fine! However, if you are in the category of “Singlehood by Choice – Not My Choice”, then why not surround yourself with the people you love? Seek comfort from a safe space and get some encouragement from your friends instead? Your supportive friends will go an extra mile for you! If your friend is Runner Kao, he will go an extra 10KM just to cheer you on – literally!


Getting a gift for that one special person in your life can be hard but it is not impossible. If you put in your heart and soul into the gift, they will definitely appreciate it! After all, the best gift your partner can ask for is you! You are more customised to them than any personalised gift will. For those who are still looking for love, don't worry! If you are open to love, love will find you 🙂

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