What is an NFT Greeting Card? Why would you get one? 

NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens” that represent unique digital assets. Every NFT from Sendjoy is created as an ERC-1155 standard token, which powers digital artworks and collectibles.

"Minting an NFT is the process of turning an asset into a token that’s represented on the blockchain. It allows NFT owners to both prove that they own the asset and be able to sell it if they want."


Our team at Sendjoy discovered what makes NFTs great at preserving ownership is also what makes them great at preserving someone's message for their loved ones.

Technically and romantically speaking, when we mint an NFT, we are carving our message into the blockchain. The best part is, it will remain there until the last computer dies. It ties in with the Sendjoy spirit of gifting and expressing your eternal love and support for someone. Thus, we invited Sendjoy creators to make their first NFTs with us, thereby imprinting your messages onto the blockchain for you and your recipients.

We were inspired on a hike in Korea.

For NFTs purchased from Sendjoy, there will ever only be ONE original copy of this artwork on the blockchain. The customized metadata for the first collector contains the following:

"fromTo": From "Your Name" to "Your Recipient's Name",

This metadata is carved into the blockchain forever, making it a unique gift for your recipient. It signifies to them that your memory and love for them is forever. Think of it like a digital lovelock.

Can a Sendjoy NFT be a digital lovelock where you can leave a message forever for someone you love?

What You Will Receive with Your Purchase:

  • An NFT containing customized metadata
  • A webpage displaying the artwork, smart contract links, and a link to the NFT on the blockchain
  • An account will be created for your recipient if they don't have one
  • A digital Certificate of Ownership
  • A digital copy of the artwork

Here's an example of an NFT Greeting Card minted during our Christmas 2021 campaign: An Unexpected Christmas

Get Your NFT Greeting Card by following these steps:

  1. Click the BUY NOW button;
  2. Fill in your name: This will be going into the metadata on the blockchain;
  3. Fill in your recipient's name: This will be going into the metadata on the blockchain. You can leave blank if this work is meant for yourself;
  4. Click Buy Now again, and you'll be brought to the payment page where you fill in the payment details;
  5. Once we receive your order, our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you set up your account and give you status updates;
  6. Once the NFT is minted, you will receive an email with your login details to an NFT page;

Do I need to connect my wallet?

No. We will mint your NFT within 3 days of purchase and send you a link to log into your customer account to view your NFT.

Is it possible to transfer my Sendjoy NFT to my wallet like Metamask?

Yes, you are able to transfer your NFT from your Sendjoy account to your wallet. Please write to us at customer.services@sendjoynow.com and we will make the most economical arrangements. Gas fees apply.

Can I trade my NFT on other NFT marketplaces?

Once you transfer your Sendjoy NFT to your wallet, you are able to trade it on other NFT marketplaces. We will soon implement trades within our marketplace. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Are Sendjoy NFTs environmentally friendly?

Our planet and its inhabitants serve as our greatest source of creative inspiration, so we make sure the sale of our NFTs makes the least possible environmental impact. Bulk minting under ERC1155 (Ethereum) allows us to minimise our carbon footprint.

What's the utility of owning a Sendjoy NFT?

Great question! We embarked on our NFT journey with the intention of giving our customers a unique gifting experience, by making it extremely simple for you to own and send your first NFT. Therefore each Sendjoy NFT is unique and handmade by our creators. We believe that creativity is humanity's greatest wealth. First and foremost, this statement must be true for our creators. As Web3.0 develops, we are exploring concrete ways to help our creators grow into asset-owning businesses. We will reveal our roadmap in Q2 2022. If you purchase a Sendjoy NFT (eg. our Christmas and Valentine's Day collections), we will whitelist you for our next project. More benefits to be announced soon.

If I book a customised video or painting from Sendjoy, will that be made into an NFT automatically?

No. However, you can request write to us at customer.services@sendjoynow.com to make a request for such a service. We will check with the creator to see if they are happy to mint the product into an NFT. Additional fees may apply.