(Huat Ah! – ‘Huat’ means ‘To prosper’ in Hokkien. Used extensively in Singapore during Chinese New Year)

#huatahchallenge: Select the “Send Huat Ah!” request and any Sendjoyer you book will end your video with ”Huat Ah!”, whatever your message may be! They can even make “Huat ah!” into a song or a painting if you ask them to. It’s the perfect greeting this Chinese New Year to motivate your friends and family through 2021 #HappyNiuYear

Step 1: Select a Sendjoyer

Send a virtual 招财猫 and 旺福旺财

Celebrities shout “Huat ah!”

Singers sing “Huat ah!”

Artists draw “Huat ah!”

Tiktokers dance “Huat ah!”

Step 2: Make your booking in < 3 min

Select “HUAT AH!”
Tell the Sendjoyer more about your recipient
Make payment

*Need more ideas what how to prepare the most creative CNY greetings? Check out our article here

Step 3: Receive your surprise in < 1 week

Time to surprise your friends and family!

Sendjoyer of the Day

Team Chara Cats can meow Huat Ah! (and your message of love) to your recipient.