"#HiSES, it's the only way" - Amie Chio
Hi, I'm Amie, I'm an ex-top model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist, pickle artisan. I was Singapore's actual crazy rich asian, watch my video here. The recent Covid situation has brought down my finances, but not my spirit. Book me to encourage your friends going through tough times... I can speak in 8 different accents, so there's no one I can't reach.


Amie's a great reality TV star to help you deliver your message when:
1. Your friends are spending more money on food deliveries and debatable stuff than they should;
2. Your friends are worried about their career prospects in this climate;
3. You need someone unabashed to help you ask someone out on a Zoom date.

Amie was the Crazy Rich Asian, until she wasn't. She had her reality TV debut as an invited guest to the Gala Premiere of (her fellow) Crazy Rich Asians in Singapore, so she's seen (other) big stars. Her divorce crippled her financially, so she promise she'll work hard to be the Kardashian that "Asians have always wanted but still don't deserve." Her words. That means showing up and giving opinions when no one asked.