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All artiste proceeds go to the charity I support: OSCAS Dog Shelter

Instagram: @thisisbenzo

Hi there! I’m Benzo and I’m here to wish you a pleasant day! I’m a proud member of Wah!Banana on YouTube, and you might have seen me as Gabriel Teo on Channel 5’s “Kin” and on Toggle’s “Love by Numbers”. Encouraging you to chase your dream cause anything is possible. Wishing you all the very best for the future!

Repped by: TCP Media Group

Guess what? Benzo from Wah!Banana is also on Channel 5’s KIN now. YouTube has come a long way, and so has Benzo. If you want to congratulate someone who has come a long way as well, Benzo will no doubt deliver your message with a touch of heartfelt humour and perhaps some dance moves as well.






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  1. Serene

    Thanks for the encouragement video-
    “Hey Benzo,

    Thanks for giving me such a big encouragement video. Really surprised that my fav YouTuber drop me a video of encouraging words about my future, supporting my dreams and guiding me along.

    I’m inspired by your experience and fighting spirits on pursuing acting. Although i understand you’re coming from different field, but it definetely letting me to gives myself a chance to try my best to pursue legal studies next year. (Aka because i’m still young) hahaha

    And if i did, remember to find me ah if i really become lawyer hahaha (TOUCHWOOD**)

    Also thankful that my friend requested you to make a video for me to continue aim for my goals! Thank you for this and will definetely remember it! #sendjoymakesmyday”

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