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Instagram: @tarot_charity

75% of my proceeds go to the charities I support. Beneficiaries of my tarot readings include elderlies, palliative care/hospices, low-income/homeless, chronic illness, less-privileged children and animal rescue.

Hello! I’m Charity, a tarot reader, and majority of my proceeds from tarot readings go to various charities!

I read tarot for various reasons, such as to help clients come out of their darkness, to show them some blind spots they may have in their perspectives, to enlighten them if they feel lost and uncertain, or simply to share with them what blessings they have! My favourite moments are when clients see that they have a solution to their problems.

My work is grounded in having compassion towards the self and others, so if you believe that yourself or someone may benefit from some tarot guidance, do consider receiving a tarot reading! If it’s yours/their birthday, invite the new year in with the right mindset and set the right direction. To start, choose from a magic box below then let me know your 1. horoscope & name (or initials), and 2. description of your situation (which you would like to dive deep into and understand further) based on the box you chose, in the request when booking me!

Magic Boxes
Magic Box 1: Self-compassion
This is for those who have been through a rough time, who feel overwhelmed, worried, anxious or sorrowful. Tell me your (or their) story, and let us dive deeper into what you need to forgive about yourself and/or related parties, the lessons it is meant to teach us, and how you can move forward.

Magic Box 2: General check-in
This provides an overview of your life, across themes of romance, career, family and self-development. We explore your strengths and weaknesses, and be reminded of what life has blessed you with. Lastly, we take a glimpse of what abundances are to come in the future and how to invite the blessings into your life.

Magic Box 3: It’s your Birthday!
Kick off your personal new year with a direction in sight. This is for those who want a brief review of the past year and are eager to know how you can make the best of the coming year. We explore what you can let go off, what to look forward to, and the important lessons in the coming year.

Do note that I do not offer medical or legal advice, and my words are not intended to replace medical, legal or professional advice. I also do not do readings for matters relating to death. Your actions are of your own, and I do not take responsibilities of actions that you take after the reading.