Cynthia Koh is a renowned, award-winning actress in Sngapore, known for her iconic roles in Tofu Street (豆腐街), Stepping Out (出路), Moulmein High, Holland V (荷兰村), Portrait of Home (同心圆), Kinship (手足) and last but not least, The Little Nyonya (小娘惹).

Her dedication to the craft witnessed her shaving her head for a role, the first for Singaporean actresses. It is no wonder that her stellar performance has witnessed her nomination of Best Actress award in Asian Television Awards in 1999 and her winning the Best Actress award in Star Awards'99.  It is no wonder that she is not only a hot favourite within the media industry but also amongst the audience members as she continues to earn raved reviews for performances in Moulmein High, Holland V, Portrait of Home and The Little Nyonya. In Star Awards'21, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her act in After The Stars (攻星计).

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