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Fauzi Azzhar @fauziazzhar

Ex-SGAG, Sing! Men’s Chorus


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Instagram: @fauziazzhar
Tiktok: @fauziazzhar

Hi guys, it's Fauzi! I sing in an all-mens’ choir @Singmenschorus during my free time. Send in your requests, and I can do anything - dance, sing, or even play the clarinet!

Fauzi is not just a professional comedian, he sometimes surprises us with singing and piano playing, but did you know he (also) plays the clarinet? (Explains a lot, doesn't it?) We've personally enjoyed a lot of his appearances in SGAG's videos, so we're excited to have Fauzi on board of Sendjoy to entertain you and your loved ones, especially during these difficult times. Whether the person you send Fauzi's video to knows Fauzi or not, I'm sure they'll remember him after the video. We know we did.




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  1. Y.

    So funny! – Fauzi just happened to know Park Seo Jun too, who my friend is obsessed with. So he did a funny parody as a birthday wish for her with background clips of the Korean star. Had me laughing so hard hahahah. Hire Fauz for off-kilter comedic videos.

  2. J.

    Thank you! – Excellent job! Lovely funny video! Thank you!

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