Hi, I am Jet! I am a fashion photographer and you may have seen me photographed many famous celebrities and personalities locally and internationally. I would love to tell your parents that you are doing okay chasing your dreams! And I have been through the same! Or if you are feeling down with your career choice, I would tell you this is perfectly normal in video! Or in person!

We invited an accomplished fashion photographer like Jet to join Sendjoy because we live in the Instagram era (well, more like the TikTok era now but let's continue), so a lot of us sometimes take Instagram too seriously. By "too seriously" we mean we may feel like we're not good enough, or like everyone else is doing a lot better than us just because we keep seeing their stories. So we got Jet here to tell you why you shouldn't be deterred by what you see, and instead, focus on your own stories, so you do what you need to fulfil your dreams.