Hewwo! I’m Lèon ! You can find me on Instagram at @leonthefold! I’d love to help you send a message to your loved one, and hopefully bring joy to them or yourself ! 🙂 I’m really good at bringing joy to others according to my human, when I was diagnosed with FIP ; an illness fatal in almost all cases, she felt helpless and lost 😔 but she said that I got her through it !! 🥰 we went from vet to vet and eventually found a way to treat me ! I’m now almost cured hehe 😸 Human is super proud of me and I am now a happy healthy fat boy !! I hope that I can bring light and joy to whoever that needs it just like how I did so with my human ! Do let me know if I can help in anyways and I’ll be glad to do so ! ❤️