Lil 9ap performance at Dingo FreeStyle

안녕하세요 Sendjoy에서 인사드립니다, 저는 래퍼이자 MV 디렉팅도 하고 있는 Lil 9ap입니다!
Greetings to all on Sendjoy! I am Lil 9ap a Korean rapper here to spread joy!

To introduce Lil 9ap a.k.a. Lil Guap, Lil gucciflame, Airplaneboy

He is a Korean rapper, and a part of an infamous Hip-hop Music Video Director Team 'Lil Tube' together with Lil Adobe. Get a chance to interact and ask him about his journey in the Korean hip-hop scene as he succeeded as both rapper and director.

He has collaborated with Jay Park, Paloalto, Queen WA$ABII, Dbo, Tommy strate, and more.

Service 1: 1분 짜리 영상 편지를 만들어 드릴 수 있습니다!
I'll create a 1 min video letter to your liking

Service 2: 원하시는 곡 커버 혹은 원하사니는 주제에 랩을 합니다.
I will cover a song for you or rap for a topic of your choosing.

Service 3: 신곡에 합의 후 곡 제목 혹은 가사에 당신의 아이디어를 포함하겠습니다.
I will use your idea to create and release a new song. You will be able to collaborate with Lil9ap in
producing a new song and become a game-changer.