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Comedian- SGAG

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Instagram: @markaroons
Tiktok: @markaroons

Hello there! I’m Mark from SGAG. Just watch my intro video to get a taste of my voice-acting talents. Send in your requests right away because there will be a waiting list.

Repped by: SGAG

Every show needs a token Japanese guy, and Mark’s the one for SGAG. In all seriousness, Mark’s Instagram feed should give you an idea of the numbers of wigs and costumes he’ll go through to make you laugh. I’d write more to impress you, but you should just put on your earphones and listen to him talk. If you don’t laugh, DM me and we’ll deliver a bubble tea to your house. No small pearls.





Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thank you! My classmates enjoyed the video

Mark put in effort that was way above expectations for the video requested for the whole class for a presentation. Video was also delivered before the stated lead time of one week. My classmates enjoyed the video very much.

Thanks for the video and message!

Having seen and laughing a lot at Mark's video from SGAG, we didn't expect to receive a personalized message from him, or should I say, aunty directly! And it's not a short one, the video lasts for about 5 mins or so. Mark definitely puts in tons of effort in preparing and bringing the character into the video!

Thank you Sendjoy and Mark for giving us a refreshing and wonderful experience in receiving messages from our friends!!

Thank you for keeping my writer motivated!

Hello Mark & Sendjoy :)

Thank you for the heartfelt video message that made me, my writer and my friends laugh with joy.
It was a great break from our thesis film and really made our day!

Mark is really funny and talented, and puts in 110% effort in his video requests :)
Book him again if you want to smile!
Highly recommended.

Thank you for showering us with your creativity & humour

Your video gave us a good laugh and love your "aunty" impersonation. Definitely a highlight of our night when we were shown your video. We can see your effort put into the video and really appreciate it.

Thanks Mark! I loved the video!

Hey Mark & send joy!
Thanks so much for the video! It was hilarious how u guys added the irritating don don donki music into the video! 5 stars for entertainment! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻