My proceeds go to the charity I support: Love Kuching Project

Hello there! I am Mezame, a professional photographer and livestreamer from Singapore. I know times are tough and I hope I can help you spread some positive vibes to friends who might be going through difficulties or are just starting out in photography during these extraordinary times and could use some words of encouragement. I know what it's like to go through tough times, but I want to help you spread the idea that tough days don't last 😉

When we were introduced to Mezame, it was through a Star Wars fan, and he made sure we knew what propelled the photographer to geekdom fame- his epic Star Wars pre wedding shoot here in Singapore. If you've got a photographer friend who's going through a tough time now, why don't you get Mezame to send some love? If you're a cat lover, he happens to be supporting "Love Kuching Project" through his Sendjoy dedications.