Spending the calming outdoors with the ones you love is something else. It's more like staying indoors but with fresher air and a prettier view - depending which outdoor space you choose to be in! 😂 In my case, being in a meadow with hills & mountains overlooking at a distance brings me so much joy. Makes you appreciate life more that way, at least in my opinion. You have the company of both the ones you love AND mother nature.

Get a unique gift this Valentine's day with a special NFT made by our Sendjoy creator, Ann Carnelian.

What is a Sendjoy NFT Greeting Card? Why do you want to buy one? 

NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens”. Every NFT from Sendjoy is created as an ERC-1155 standard token, which powers digital artworks and collectibles.

This will be the one and only copy of this artwork on the blockchain with customized metadata for the very first collector, containing the following:

"creator":"Ann Carnelian",
"fromTo": From "Your Name" to "Your Recipient's Name",
"title":"Outdoor Company",

This metadata will be carved into the blockchain forever, so it will be a unique gift for your recipient. It tells them that your memory and love for them is forever. Think of it like a digital lovelock.

Sendjoy NFTs are Powered by:

What You Will Receive with Your Purchase:

- An NFT containing customized metadata

- A webpage displaying the artwork, smart contract links, and a link to the NFT on the blockchain

- An account will be created for your recipient if they don't have one

- A digital Certificate of Ownership

- A digital copy of the artwork

Get Your NFT Gift in a few simple steps:
1. Click the BUY NOW button

2. Fill in your name: This will be going into the metadata on the blockchain.

3. Fill in your recipient's name: This will be going into the metadata on the blockchain. You can leave blank if this work is meant for yourself.

4. Click Buy Now again, and you'll be brought to the payment page where you fill in the payment details.

5. Once we receive your order, our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to help you set up your account and update you on the minting status!

6. Once the NFT is minted, you will receive an email from us, with your access to an NFT page on our website to see the NFT.