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[119k] Run & Spread Kindness

Instagram: @runnerkao
Tiktok: @runnerkao
Youtube: Runner Kao

I am Runner Kao, an Ambassador of Sports Singapore. You might have known me from TikTok, Youtube, or at a playground chasing after my kids. Running has transformed me completely, from a breathless couch potato to one who now has the stamina to chase outlast youngsters half my age!

I enjoy doing video content that motivates people & makes people laugh. If you need someone to run for you to motivate you to keep on going strong, I’m the man! Or if you like me to run for anyone special in your life to cheer them up, I am more than happy to burst my lungs for that person!

So book me now to receive a video that will flood you with so much goodness that you need a dam to stop it!



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Reviews (3)

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5.00 3 Reviews

  1. layla

    Thank you. It’s very inspiring! – Hi, Runner Kao, 谢谢你的视频,我的朋友非常喜欢,你竟然跑了十公里,她感到非常的感动和鼓舞。也祝你新年快乐!继续坚持奔跑,哈哈哈!

  2. K.

    Thanks! My friend loves it! – The video you have done is super encouraging! It really motivated them! Hope to get you to do shout out more! Highly recommend Runnerkao for videos that are meant to encourage your friends who are feeling down!

  3. E.

    My friends loved it! – Hi Runner Kao, Thank you so much for the 3 videos you’ve done for my friends. They love it so much!! They kept laughing, and they feel motivated as well. They will try running this year. Woohoooooooo~

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