I'm SammiZhen, hailing from the sunny island of Singapore.

I'm a veteran in the local performing scene for 2 decades. Formerly a performance arts student from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, I've constantly redefined success from numerous social media appearances, write ups, media interviews and even appearing on a documentary on “Discovery Channel” in 2017.

I'm definitely no stranger to the local night scene as well. Having staged my monthly “Canto Night” shows at Out Bar, I'm known to be the only Mando/Canto pop Diva in Singapore.

Having performed for local politicians to even government dinners, I don't only speak and joke; I create a full show to engage with the audiences. Being on a heavyweight, literally, my vivacious character explodes on stage with finesse, stunning audiences expecting a petite queen. However, the larger than life SammiZhen guarantees to crack her audience up from her original comical repertoire and is never afraid of laughing at her own va-va voom plus size. It's great to connect with you!

Sammi's monthly ”Canto Night“ shows at Out Bar have always mesmerised us, for she's known as the only Mando/Canto pop Diva in Singapore. If you have a diva friend who needs some glamorous pep talk, we're sure Sammi will get the message across in her silky humour and fierce authenticity.