Hi, I’m Terry, a theatre actor, singer and music producer! When I’m not on stage, you can find me in the kitchen baking, making up some really bad puns, or playing with my cat Genghis, whom I’m deathly allergic to.

Versatile in various genres of music, I’m your guy if your special someone has international taste in music. Does he like some sexy French? Or she would prefer a little romantic Italian or Spanish? Maybe a Hokkien 歌台 classic would hit that spot? For the ah-beng-handphone-shop-techno aficionados, I can even turn your favorite song into a techno banger that your brudders would approve of!

I would also love to help you send words of encouragements, pun-nets of pun-chy puns your friend will want to pun-ch you for or jokes so funny you just can’t laugh no matter how hard you try.

Come on and send some joy to your loved ones with me!

Note: Genghis’ availability is subject to his lordship’s mood.

Get Terry to sing with his cat, Genghis, for your friends and family! The singer's repertoire is amazing, from Hokkien Getai to Spanish ballads. We're sure you'll be as amused by his cheerful and uplifting spirit as we were. Did we mention he has a cat?