Harlo, my name is Toasty and I am a digital illustrator who draws sexy hunks, I know we all want to look sexy and handsome, but in Singapore got time and energy meh? So instead of dieting and going to the gym, why not get me to draw you as a sexy muscular hunk? This one can use as a motivator for you to workout more, as a unique special gift for your loved one, or to show your friends to inspire them to workout using a preview of them in hunk form. So I will attach a recorded message with your art and email you the high res when done. Please read my terms below thanks.

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Please give me 1 adjective (sunny, fierce, shy...) and 1 noun (puppy, watermelon, monkey...) and let me know how much clothing you want (Long pants, shorts, boxers/briefs, speedos/jockstraps, thongs) and I will handle the rest like the pose and background.

So sorry hor, as this is a hunk drawing service, I only draw guys, so no zhar bo.

Yup, he's the guy who reimagines our local food mascots as well as Jamus Lim as sexy hunks, and now he can do the same for that guy friend of yours who just needs a little gym motivation after Circuit Breaker- a preview of their hunky self IF ONLY they put in the hard work. So get a couple of friends to chip in, and dedicate a drawing to the birthday boy. Toasty will throw in a video recording of your message, too! We guarantee you will never see them blush like that, ever.