Make someone feel special

Thank you Gurmit Singh for making me all emotional by your perfect singing to “home” (feeling the love and it made me miss home more) and then cracking me up so bad by your nagging (definitely upped my nagging game) and nursery rhyme reading ❤️🤣 you’re the best in singapore, batam, JB AND WORLDWIDE 😁

Thankful for Sendjoy being this perfect avenue to help ppl like us to send joy and send love to our dear ones 🌻😊

Elaine booked Gurmit to surprise her parents back in KL and her siblings in Melbourne. She sent Gurmit's video to her family's WhatsApp group chat and later shared it on Facebook for her friends and family to enjoy.

I requested a video message with a song for a close friend who recently lost a loved one. What I got from Jean was... honest, sincere, unmasked and completely from the heart... and I am so very grateful for what she did. Even though it was “just a video”, it felt very real and very personal. To top that off she actually chose to sing one of my favorite songs and the moment I recognized the start I cried. I know my friend would love it as much as I did, and I wanna thank Jean and the sendjoy team for sending us some hope & comfort. Oh yes, they did it so quick! Got my video within a couple of days! Such a lovely surprise. Once again, thank you.

Step booked Jean to reach out to a friend who lost someone important. Jean helped her deliver a message of love and comfort, and sang a song they used to listen to.

Thank you! My friends booked a drawing from Andy as a farewell gift for me. Andy drew me as one of my favourite characters. His message and the time lapse video were really cool to see. On top of that, I’ve been able to use it as my lock screen and can’t wait to hang it on my wall!

LeRoy​ received Andy's video message that came with a painting of him as The Flash, wishing him to 'return in a FLASH' in the midst of travel restrictions, before he flew back to USA to be with family.