Frequently Asked Questions

Think of Sendjoy as a "personalised gift shop" where you can book a Sendjoyer, who may be a famous celebrity, a talented content creator, a cute animal or an awkward Venus flytrap to make a personalised video message, between 30 seconds and 10 minutes (!!) for your loved ones.

Say your mom were a big fan of ABBA. With Sendjoy, you'd be able to book ABBA for a fee, to request an incredibly personalised video message by ABBA for your mom, for Mother's Day, for instance. (Disclaimer: ABBA isn't on Sendjoy, just yet) Our hope is to empower everyone to pour their hearts out to those they care about, including themselves.

All Sendjoyers can be found under '센드조이어 둘러보기' — sort them, choose your Sendjoyer, complete the request form, and click “Book Now.” With Sendjoy, you can pay by using your credit/debit card through Stripe. We will hold onto the stated amount until your personalised video message is completed. Upon a successful delivery, we will then complete the transaction with the Sendjoyer. Please see our Site Terms of Service for more information.

The Sendjoyers we've asked to join us are excited to render their services to you and your loved ones. We will work with them to ensure names are properly pronounced and every request is fulfilled and delivered on time. It's possible that your request could expire after 7 days. Disclaimer: Every Sendjoyer has the option to accept or turn down any request that they get.

Every Sendjoyer sets their own price, as shown on their profiles. A Sendjoyer may change their price after you submit a request, but you will be charged the price in effect at the time you book your personalised video message.

If you wish to edit or cancel your order, please forward the confirmation email you've received for your booking to, with your instructions in the body. Alternatively, you can also update us via Whatsapp. Once the personalised video message is completed, we won't be able to make any changes to your order unless the recipient's name is pronounced wrongly, or the order is done completely wrongly, at a case-by-case basis.

Every Sendjoyer is given up to 7 days to complete a personalised video message. If your request isn’t fulfilled in 7 days, it will expire, and the amount we hold onto your debit/credit card will be refunded to you.

You'll receive your video via email with the information you provide when you place your order.

Yes. You're able to download your video for your own non-commercial, personal use, subject to the Site Terms of Service.

If you pay using a credit/debit card through Stripe, we will hold onto the amount until the video message is successfully delivered to, and accepted by you. If your request is not accepted or completed within 7 days, we will proceed with a full refund immediately.