Hello, my name is NyaLi and in a nutshell I sing, write songs, and teach others how to do the same. You may have heard my original music on Spotify/ Apple Music/ Google Music and Amazon Music, or my unidentified voice on royalty-free music playing in public domains... yes, another one of my portfolios is singing on work-for-hire (one time) projects 🙂 Let me know what song you'd like so to hear, so I can Send Joy Now to you and your loved ones - there's nothing quite like a custom gift for warm fuzzy feels all around, and music makes the people come together, always.

If you want to send to a friend a special arrangement of their favourite song, we recommend going with NyaLi. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, childbirths... The soulful music producer and singer-songwriter has crafted some memorable experiences, and we're glad she's with us to send joy to you and your loved ones 😉