Hi I am Zames! You may know me as a child singer 28 years ago who sang 十五的月亮. I did a few acting and song composing too. I am currently a stay at home daddy, spending most of my time watching them grow. I'm a part time swimming instructor too!

28 years ago, Zames had had a taste of fame even before most of us were born. The child singer became famous with his song 十五的月亮. Later, he even won the hearts of Chinese audiences with songs like 归乡 and 我是一个少年郎, long before singing competitions became a social media phenomenon. He turned swimming into his career, becoming an instructor. He even met his wife when he was on lifeguard duty. While the limelight seems like a lifetime ago, Zames still enjoys singing, and still does song dedications for his fans every now and then. To be frank, what we like about Zames is how sincere, thoughtful and humble the ex-child singer is, and we thought young dad would be perfect to send a video message for your parents and grandparents, with their favourite Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien or even English song in it.