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How Liu Ling Ling made someone's parents cry

A couple of months ago, a customer told us he wanted to surprise his parents during their Chinese New Year family gathering. He asked if we could find him a getai singer to say a few words to his parents. In his words:

I immediately thought of Liu Ling Ling (刘玲玲). I called up a friend. One person led to another, and I got her number. 

She's interested!

So, we created a profile for her. She's ready to take on the request!

But here’s the catch. You know how a lot of young Chinese Singaporeans can’t write or speak expressively in Chinese, even though they want to say something sentimental to their predominantly Chinese-speaking parents? This happened to be the case. The request was entirely in English.

So we translated it into Chinese for Ling Ling.

My Chinese teacher would be proud of me.

Ling Ling proceeded to to record the video quickly.

First, she reads out the touching message that the customer has prepared before she dedicates a song on filial piety to the parents.

She humbly said that she's not as familiar with the song

Before she slayed it, with a rap!


We sent it the customer and he was very happy with it. He showed it to them and recorded their reaction. A few days later, we shared the parents’ reaction video with Ling Ling.

Oftentimes, I hear young adults say their Asian parents wouldn’t appreciate a video gift, because it isn’t practical. We have this idea that our parents wouldn’t want anything but a Dyson vacuum cleaner or a Philips air fryer.

It makes me wonder, how much is a ‘thank-you’ worth, then?

Please continue to take care and stay safe. 



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About Liu Ling Ling

Liu Ling Ling is a renowned actress, comedian and Getai singer in Singapore. You may find her familiar as she has starred in critically acclaimed local films such as 881, 3688 and Mr. Unbelievable. Book her on Sendjoy and request for the prima donna's performance.

About Liang Chun

Lim Liang Chun, or LC, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Sendjoy. You may have seen him during TEDx talks when he was an agronomist. He is also a Sendjoyer and you can book him for a dose of inspiration.

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