When was the last time you told your mum
I love you?

This Mother's Day, surprise her with a funny, heartwarming and personalised video greeting card, custom-made by our celebrities and content creators to your request.

After all these years,

do you want to say thank you to your mum?

But you feel too awkward to tell her how you feel...

This stranger can tell your mum how much you appreciate her.

Sendjoy is a gift she'll never lose

Sendjoy 💖 Flowers 💐
Cost 💵 - 💵💵💵
From $5
💵💵 / 💵💵💵
$28 - $869
Lifespan ⌚⌚⌚
Lasts forever
< 2 weeks
Convenience 📱
Anytime, anywhere
Displayed at home
Messages 💬
Direct declaration
of love
Indirect symbols
of love

Sendjoy turns awkward moments into lasting memories

We have sent joy to more than 100 mothers. This Mother's Day, we'll make sure you mum knows how you feel about her.

Video Credit: The Smiling Afro

Sendjoy now.

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