As COVID-19 rages on and travel restrictions persist, Sendjoy will be there for people who can’t make it back home to be with friends and families this Chinese New Year. Sendjoy will capitalize on Southeast Asia’s booming online media market, which is poised to hit US$35 billion by 2025.

The events of 2020 sped up consumer adoption of social video tools like Zoom and TikTok. Against this backdrop, Sendjoy is leading a new consumer behaviour of creating and sharing high-quality mobile video greetings through a digital marketplace approach.

In our Asian society, we may find it awkward to utter phrases like “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I’m proud of you”, to our friends and family. As such, we envision our talents to be missionaries who help people express what they want to say.

A lot of the purchases actually come from people trying to encourage a friend or family member going through tough times; it could be heartbreaks, people feeling lost in their careers, people separated from their family due to COVID, an expat leaving a country and his friends indefinitely, or someone grieving for a lost one. Especially in these uncertain times, we need more cheering up, and our platform helps with that.

On Sendjoy, you can book celebrities such as Ah Boys To Men star Maxi Lim and comedians from SGAG like Fauzi Azhar and Mark Kinoshita.

Imagine waking up in the morning, receiving a video from a friend, with your favourite kitty celebrity saying hi to you – a simple message, delivered by a furball of joy. In October 2020, celebrity video booking platform Sendjoy, signed an exclusive partnership with Asia’s first pets-only influencer agency The Woof Agency (TWA) to do just that.