Being a Sendjoyer?

If you enjoy designing heartwarming surprises and personalising fan engagements, then Sendjoy gives you the tools and platform you need to provide your fan services professionally. This is the perfect opportunity to reciprocate the support your fans and followers have for you! Moreover, you will show more people to your work and your personality.

As long as you can put your message in a video, anything goes. Depending on your talent, you're able to provide various services at different prices. We have seen Sendjoyers pep-talking, serenading, illustrating, running and even fortune-telling! If you are unsure HOW your talents and stories should expressed in a video, talk to us and we will work it out with you!

You set your own prices, which you can change at any time. Please note that after a successful transaction, 25% of your listed fee will go towards supporting payments and Sendjoy's operations.

A video message normally takes 3 minutes to complete, from reading the request to recording and submitting the completed video. However, if you are offering a different service like singing or painting, you'll probably need about 1 to 2 hours to deliver something you're proud of!

Let your agent or manager know that you are interested! We are more than happy to speak to them to work things out.

Yes — you can accept or decline any request within 2 days of receiving said request.

You have 7 days from the day you receive a request, to complete it.

You will own the master rights to your own video messages, while your customers have the license to use them for personal, non-commercial use.

Payments will be made biweekly via bank transfer (Singapore) or TransferWise (Outside Singapore) or through your agency.

Of course, but this depends on you too! Our top Sendjoyers consist of not only household names but those who don’t have a conventionally large following! They continually engage their fans and followers every festive season, and gain the trust of their community to produce personalised content for the people they care about.

After you register via this signup form, we will be in touch to collect your contacts and banking details. Please be assured that your personal information will never be shared or used inappropriately. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.