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How The Smiling Afro Surprises his aunt for Mother's Day

Video Credit: The Smiling Afro

For Mother's Day, we often express our gratitude to our Moms but how often do we do the same for the other mother-like figures in our lives? This Mother's Day, Benjamin Byrne, or more commonly known as The Smiling Afro, sent a Sendjoy to his Aunt to surprise her.

His reason?

"Wow. I've never used it myself. So why not I go onto the platform and engage somebody to send a message?"

Benjamin is a Sendjoyer himself, who has been engaged couple times on Sendjoy to send personalised video messages to others.

With the idea in mind to surprise his aunt with a unique gift, he booked a video on Sendjoy. One week later, he received the video, and he was ready to show it to his aunt.

He set up a hidden camera, and sat Aunt Margaret down.

She had no idea what was coming.

... then, Fauzi showed up on screen.

Fauzi started with a joke, but later changed to a more serious tone.

Fauzi told her,

"Ben would like to say Thank You to you for these 9 years of looking after him, and showering him with the love that he needs. He appreciates you a lot, and for all the times that you've looked after him, he knows that his mum will be proud of where he is today, and she will be happy that he is in good hands."

Her reaction? (Warning: Spoilers alert)

Curious why she had such a reaction? Watch the rest of the video to find out!

PS. Fauzi's "mum" made a special appearance in the video too.

We interviewed BENJAMIN aka THE SMILING AFRO to find out more about his relationship with Aunt Margaret:

Sendjoy (S): Who is the Smiling Afro? 
Benjamin (B): Somebody who wants to spread laughter and happiness in every way he can.

S: Who is Aunt Margaret and why is she special to you?
B: She is my dad's sister, and moved in with my family after my mum passed away as my dad work's overseas and there was no adult figure at home. What was supposed to be a 1-month stay turned into 9-years as we all enjoyed each other's love and company!

S: What’s your favourite memory with Aunt Margaret?
B: I don't have a particular favourite memory, but it's those multiple moments where we just chill at my patio and talk about life.

S: What is one of the best things she has said to you?
B: "You are one of the most loving and caring people I know in the world."

S: Was the Sendjoy video the first time she heard those words from you? 
B: No. I say those words all the time, and that's why I wanted to try something special and I know hearing from a third party can make a small difference!

S: What is your advice to our readers, for maintaining relationships?
B: Relationships are investments, if you don't check on them, you may lose them. Just like a potted plant that needs water and care, always check-up and speak with people whom you care and love, even short catchups on the phone goes a long way!

Editor's note: We receive reaction videos from our customers occasionally, but this one really shook us. We thank Benjamin for making this video and showing us the lovely relationship between him and his aunt.

This is the first of Sendjoy Stories, a blog where we show you some of the stories from customers who give us the permission to share, as we want to inspire people to express better and "send more joy" to your loved ones. We believe that simple words can go far.

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About The Smiling Afro

Benjamin Byrne, also known as the Smiling Afro, is a content creator, host and actor in Singapore. Book him on Sendjoy and ask whether his afro is real.

About Fauzi

Fauzi, is a multi-talented content creator who can sing, dance and even play a clarinet! Book him on Sendjoy for a personalised video message from him. He will make you laugh!

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