#loveadvicechallenge: Know anyone who need guidance for love? Select the “Send Love Advice!” request and any Sendjoyer you book will give you a piece of love advice, whatever your message may be! You can even customise the advice until it becomes oddly specific, making it perfect for you to advise, remind or even shade them. Make this year’s Valentine’s a memorable one with Sendjoy! #Valentines

Step 1: Select a Sendjoyer

Actors give love advice

Singers serenade your loved ones

Artists draw your favourite moments

TikTokers be spilling the tea

When words fail, pets speak!

Step 2: Make your booking in < 3 min

Tell the Sendjoyer more about your recipient
Make payment

Don’t know how to begin?

Adapt some from the good advice from the OG Love Gurus of Sendjoy.

*Need more ideas on how to prepare the most interesting love advice? Check out our article here

Step 3: Receive your surprise in < 1 week

Time to surprise your friends and family!

Sendjoyer of the Day

Garv can help you roast your friends (or lover).